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Road Construction Updates

Weekly Construction Update - Week of May 21st & 28th

Carol Schroeder


Week of May 21st & May 28th

-Monroe/Odana- Glenway - Various sanitary, storm & water work being done in this area. (See list below)

  • Glenway will be closed starting May 31st for 7-10 days for sanitary work

-Knickerbocker to Edgewood- Water and Sanitary work in the area

  • Sprague - Will be closed until Knickerbocker closed on May 29th
  • Knickerbocker - Will be closed for 4 days beginning May 29th
  • Knickerbocker to Pickford - Short term water outage expected for May 24&25
  • Knickerbocker to Pickford - Sanitary
  • Sidewalk will be impacted on north side for sanitary work.

-Grant to Regent

  • Harrison - closed for sanitary work until May 29th
  • Grant - will close for 7 days beginning May 29th for sewer work.
  • 1900 block - water services will be switched over next week. expect short term water shutoff. Speedway will communicate directly with businesses.
  • 1800 block - gas line services being installed and switched over. Sidewalks will be interrupted.


MG&E Gas will be working on the new gas lines that are located under the sidewalk in the Breese Ter. to Edgewood area. Portions of sidewalk will be removed at this time.

  • 1800: Work will begin in this area the week of May 21st
  • Sidewalk interruption on the 1800 block (Week of May 21st & 28th)
  • When work is completed, sidewalk will be back filled with gravel and mats so sidewalks will be usable.
  • Gas services will be switched over when it is best for the businesses.
  • MG&E mentioned that if you have questions about the process, feel free to reach out to them. MG&E and KS Energy will be working in front of your businesses to lay the new gas lines.


Week of May 21st & May 28th- Sidewalk closures will be taking place on varies parts of Monroe Street. Access to businesses will remain open. If there are issues, please reach out.

  • 1700, 1800, 1900
  • Plan for sidewalk disruption due to MG&E gas work. Be sure you communicate with your customers that businesses are open are provide alternative routes. Reach out with questions!
  • 1700 block is almost complete with sidewalk!
  • 1800 block sidewalk closure for gas line services. Once gas services are complete, new sidewalk will be poured.
  • Knickerbocker to Pickford -North side of road side walk interference for sanitary lines
  • Breese Terrace area

***Speedway will be working on improving visible walk ways at intersections - cleaning current mats and adding additional mats in the area!***


The following intersections will have closures.

  • Breese Ter- Closed to thru traffic. Open to local traffic for businesses. Please communicate with your customers.
  • Oakland still closed.
  • Garfield - Should be open by the time Grant closes next week.
  • Harrison - Closed week of May 21st. Will open when Grant closes on May, 29th
  • Grant - Closed for 7-10 days beginning May 29th
  • Sprague - Closed until Knickerbocker closes on May 29th.
  • Knickerbocker - Will close May 29th for 4 days (sanitary work)
  • Glenway - Will be Closed for 7-10 days beginning May 31st
  • Lewis Ct. - Closed to reduce the amount of traffic cutting through the neighborhood.
  • Intersection Closures coming soon
  • Commonwealth (after school is over)
  • Glenway (additional closure planned)


MG&E has a planned electric outage for both business & residential customers in the following areas:

  • 1700-1900 blocks of Monroe St
  • 1800 - 2100 blocks of Westlawn
  • 1900 -2100 blocks of Keyes
  • 2100 block of Fox Ave
  • 500 - 700 blocks of S. Prospect Ave

The outage is scheduled for 6:00 AM Thursday 5/24 to best accommodate the business schedules in the area.

The electrical outage is estimated to take approximately 1 hour for the majority of the customers. Some customers will be affected for an estimated 4 hour duration.  

MGE has been and will be notifying the individual customers with specific times they will be out of power.

The electrical equipment MG&E will be working is located mainly at three locations:  

An electrical enclosure and pole along Grant St adjacent to Art Gecko.

Work within the existing underground electric vault inside of the Monroe Commons Building along Harrison St & a pole at corner of Harrison & Westlawn.

An electrical pole located at Stockton Ct & Monroe St.  

The neighborhood noise before 7:00 AM will be mainly back up beepers and truck engine related noises. 

If you have any additional questions please contact Jesse Shields, MGE Senior Account Manager - Commercial & Industrial Marketing, 252-4712


  • No left turn out of the Edgewood parking lot
  • Do not cut thru the barrels to access the right turn into Edgewood (Walker & Bikers)
  • Do not turn right out of the trader joe's parking lot on to Monroe Street to access Harrison.

Interested in what Speedway is working on the next 2 weeks??


(Week of May 21 - May 28)

Odana/Nakoma to Glenway

  • Water- Odana to Glenway
  • Sanitary- laterals
  • Storm - Glenway to Lewis Ct.
  • Sanitary- Glenway
  • Earthwork - cut street - Odana and Monroe
  • Curb - Monroe/Odana/Nakoma
  • Pave Odana/Nakoma/Monroe to Lewis Ct.

Knickerbocker to Edgewood

  • Water - Terry Place
  • Water Woodrow
  • Water - Services Knickerbocker to Pickford
  • Sanitary - Knickerbocker to Pickford
  • Sidewalk will be impacted

Grant to Regent

  • Sanitary - laterals Grant to Harrison
  • Sanitary - Harrison to Van Buren
  • Storm - at Grant
  • Water - Services at 1900 block
  • Earthwork - Cut street - Grant
  • Curb and sidewalk Garfield to Grant
  • Electrical Conduit and bases
  • Lower duct Grant Street
  • Pave Regent to Grant

Wingra Park

  • Storm - treatment structure and pipe

Breese Plaza

  • Mosaic wall - form and reinforcing
  • Mosaic wall - concrete pour