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Weekly Construction Updates

Weekly Construction Update June 20th

Carol Schroeder

***Timelines may be altered due to weather***


  • Water laterals, Storm, Sanitary laterals in the area
  • Sanitary lateral at Nakoma (6/18-6/23)
  • Water tie in at Odana (6/23)
  • Storm & Sanitary work from Glenway Intersection moving east (6/21-6/23)
  • Glenway & Wyota closed Wednesday (6/20-7/4)
  • When the 2 week closure is over Glenway will be paved with concrete!
  • Signage
  • Warning signs will be placed at the Mineral Point intersection to indicate the Glenway intersection is closed
  • 'All Business Open' signs will be placed at the Mineral Point intersection
  • Traffic Control
  • Wyota is also closed for the 2 week time period because they are paving through that intersection.
  • Lewis Ct intersection will be temporarily reopened to allow customers, neighbors and deliveries to reach their destination.
  • The left turn sign will be removed from the Lewis Ct. intersection temporarily


  • Knickerbocker to Pickford-  Sanitary work in the area
  • Pickford - South side of intersection is closed for 2 weeks (now-6/30)
  • (Arbor Dr will be the best access to the south side Pickford area)
  • Knickerbocker, Crandall & Sprauge- may temporarily close over the next few weeks to finish work in the area. Will be clearly indicated in the intersection when closed. Timeline is weather depended.
  • Earthwork - cut the street from Sprague to Commonwealth (6/25-6/30)
  • Sidewalk and curb - pouring north side sidewalk in the Knickbocker to Commonwealth as soon as weather allows


  • Harrison - South side intersection closed for finishing work (curb, gutter & AT&T work) thru 6/23 (weather dependent)
  • 1900 block - Finishing sidewalk asap
  • cut street to eventually pave - paving will not take place until next month


  • 1600 block (north side) - Water crossing in the area impacting sidewalk access.
  • Breese to Garfield - (north side) storm work - 6/21-6/27
  • Breese plaza - pouring curb & cutter on the Monroe side of terrace.
  • Finishing work on Mosaic wall
  • Stockton Ct - Water & Storm work in area.Will be closed until future notice. Staging area for project.


  • 1900 block - Paving work to soon be completed
  • Knickerbocker to Commonwealth - working on sidewalk
  • Breese Terrace area
  • 1600 block - 1700 block (north side) - closed for water & sanitary work in addition to new construction project.

INTERSECTION CLOSURE - The following intersections will have closures.

  • Breese Ter- Closed to thru traffic. Open to local traffic for businesses. Please communicate with your customers.
  • Stockton Ct. - closed until future notice.
  • Harrison - closed thru next week 6/23
  • Knickerbocker - periodic closures
  • Sprague - periodic closures
  • Crandall - periodic closures
  • Pickford - Closed for 2 weeks beginning 6/14
  • Glenway - Closed for 2 weeks (6/20-7/4)
  • Wyota - Closed for 2 weeks (6/20-7/4)
  • Lewis Ct. - Reopen for 2 weeks that Glenway & Wyota are closed
  • Intersection Closures coming soon
  • Commonwealth (after school is over)