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Road Construction Updates

Weekly Construction Update - June 6th

Carol Schroeder


Week of June 4th & June 11th

-Monroe/Odana- Glenway - Various sanitary, storm & water work being done in this area. (See list below)

  • Glenway will be closed until Monday, June 11th.
  • Sanitary work will still be done in the area and moving east. It will be busy near the intersection.
  • Odana - short term water outages for the residential homes in area.


-Knickerbocker to Edgewood- Water and Sanitary work in the area and will periodically close many of the intersections over the next 2 weeks.

  • Knickerbocker, Sprague, Crandall, Pickford- Periodically close thru Tuesday, June 12th for sanitary work. Speedway will clearly mark which intersections are closed vs open.
  • Pickford - Closed for 3-4 days (week of June 11th ) for water work
  • Sprague - Closed for 2-3 days when it works with the Knickerbocker closures.
  • Sidewalk will be installed in the Knickerbocker to Commonwealth area week of June 4th


-Grant to Regent

  • Once paving work is complete, Grant, Oakland and Garfield will be open!
  • Traffic pattern will switch to south side of street and construction will begin on the north side of Monroe Street.
  • Traffic switch planned for Monday, June 11th
  • Van Buren - closed for 2-3 days for Sanitary work
  • Harrison - will close for 3-4 days when Grant is open
  • 1900 block - water services will be switched over next week. expect short term water shutoff. Speedway will communicate directly with businesses. Sidewalks will be interrupted.
  • 1800 block - Sidewalk open and paved! Terrace work will be completed Saturday, June 9th
  • 1600 block (North side) - Sidewalk closures week of June 11th for water and sanitary work in the Breese to Stockton Ct. area.




Week of June 4th & June 11th- Sidewalk closures will be taking place on varies parts of Monroe Street. Access to businesses will remain open. If there are issues, please reach out.

  • 1900 block - water laterals being completed. Paving to follow
  • Knickerbocker to Commonwealth - working on sidewalk
  • Breese Terrace area
  • 1600 block (northside) - closed for water and sanitary work



The following intersections will have closures.

  • Breese Ter- Closed to thru traffic. Open to local traffic for businesses. Please communicate with your customers.
  • Oakland - soon to open
  • Garfield soon to open
  • Grant - soon to open
  • Van Buren - closed for 2-3 days
  • Harrison - to close for 3-4 days once Grant is open
  • Knickerbocker - periodic closures
  • Sprague - periodic closures
  • Crandall - periodic closures
  • Pickford - closed week of June 11th
  • Glenway - Closed thru Monday, June 11th
  • Lewis Ct. - Closed to reduce the amount of traffic cutting through the neighborhood.
  • Intersection Closures coming soon
  • Commonwealth (after school is over)